Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dr C

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I had the pleasure of viewing Dr. Christie's site and found myself getting carried away with too much stuff. I listened to the information on Dr. Christie and what she has started in her classroom. By having children work with graduate students and teachers to increase both the knowledge of the teachers and the confidence of the student she has created a great learning environment. This is a perfect example of what learning could be. There is children walking throughout the class showing the adults what to do, and everyone is learning. The graduate student is able to put into practice what they are learning by teaching others to become familiar with the technology. This is what is missing from most class environments that I have experienced. The quality of the instruction is great, I learn the information, take a test and loose 50% of what I learned within six months. The old expression is "Use it or loose it." There was a child by the name of Jamie who is doing his sixth summer internship by helping teachers to learn. He will never loose it and the people in the class have more hands on experience in a comfortable environment with many instructors. Who is more qualified than Jamie?

click here to go to Dr. Christie's site.

I started going round other places and found myself on google Earth. I downloaded the latest version and was able to take a visual tour of my home. I have not been able to travel to the place I was born in the past eight years and it has changed dramatically. I was also able to look up building and places that my father has restored. The site has a historical button on it that allows you to look at images from years gone by.


  1. That is way too cool about google's virtual tour in regards to your Dad's restoration projects. It would have been great for your presentation!

    I also became overwhelmed on Dr. Christie's site. It offers sooooo much useful information!

  2. I really liked your example of "use it or lose it". I agree, I lose probably 50% of what I'm tested on 6 months later, unless i'm still doing it. If I'm still learning about it through the network, I think I retain the information better. I really hope teachers re-think the way they shape their classrooms. Thanks for your post and opinions. I like the way you think! :)
    Dillon Rogers
    Dr. Strange EDM310 TT2

  3. Thanks guys,

    We are all on the verge of something great because we believe we can make a difference and are willing to try. Not every door will open but we will find one that we fit through and when we do it will all be worth while. I think you both have as good a blog site as I have seen and really love what you are both doing. Top notch!

  4. "... children walking throughout the class showing the adults what to do, and everyone is learning." How wonderful!

  5. I think this is definitely lacking at the college of Education. Most students are eager and need hands on teaching experience and it will only develop their approach and confidence in the classroom. Why are the faculty not using the student to update and resource the materials they have if they find it hard to research and teach. That seems like a win-win situation. Knock down the walls as they put them up.