Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I love wikipedia and find it very handy when I want to look up certain information. Information like traveling to a city; what to eat and where, what to expect, places to see, the usual every day stuff. It provides you with a base to work from.
If I type in anything like "soup" then wikipedia pops up and I can learn a little bit about soup. It is brilliant, fast, and fairly accurate.
Now if I want to take my information and make sure that it is the absolute truth, then it is the same as buying a car. You must have multiple quotes before you buy something major. That way you can compare and make sure that you are buying the correct vehicle at the right price.
I'll continue to use Wikipedia for a lot of things, but realize it is like listening to Fox News or any other 24 hour news broadcast. It may be true, but it is usually just someone's opinion and you should not just believe what you hear, or read.
You must have a verifiable source for people not to doubt the information and Fox News or Wikipedia are just not verifiable sources.
If you read it, hear it, or plan on talking about it then you should make sure that it is true. P.S. Did you hear about the car that was released in England that does 189 mpg and is based on the old lincoln town car model. The car will be sold in the United States as of March 2010 and has a price tag starting at $14,500. At least that's what I heard.


  1. Your daughter is beautiful! And did I hear that more children are on the way????!

  2. Only three more!!! Thank you for the comment about Sheridan, she is an angel and I am loving being a dad.

  3. You nailed it about Wikipedia! Use it wisely. But use it. Use all resources wisely!