Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EDM features on the tonight show

Dave Letterman holding Top 10 list Well guys it is officially the end of the semester and Dave wanted to share the "TOP TEN LIST" of amazing things he has learned this year! So without further ado here they are in descending order.....

10. Itunes/ ITunes U (really quite amazing what you can look up and use in class and your daily life. Free or for very little you can have music, lessons, and lectures from around the world on your subject of choice- take a tour of the Smithsonian or a course at Cambridge.)
9. Youtube/Teacher Tube (This was something I had never used or done until this semester and now have several things on it. I use it to look at various subjects and see what has been made by other- great demonstrations or how to do videos. People like Mr. Needleman really inspired me and without YouTube we may never have heared of Mr. Winkle Wakes )
8. ACCESS/ALEX. (Opened my eyes up to what resources and options Students and teachers have in the State of Alabama that are underutilized. The Gifted class falls under Special Education and being able to show students other possibilities and allowing them to reach their potential is the goal of the teacher, ACCESS and ALEX will help me develop this potential.)
7. Comments 4 Kids ( showed me how people could connect with the basics of reading, writing, and math and improve acceleration or understanding of subjects using technology at such a young age level. Every young child needs the basics and if you can accelerate their learning in anyway then you can make a massive difference in their potential to catch up with the rest of their peers. This will come in very handy in Special Education because they can do things st their own pace and show the best of what they can do. Encouragement and confidence are very important.)
6. Intellectual Trail & HTML (This has just made me aware of what I am posting.. and writing reflects who I am and can be looked up by others. Also, HTML has allowed me to stay accurate, legal, and prepared for teaching because I can site and verify sources-makes updating easier too! Every teacher currently using a powerpoint or projector should be citing their materials and it is equivalent to not citing at the end of a paper- shame on you- yey for me!)
5. Presentation/ Screentoaster (This has shown me were I was and now how I could improve powerpoint or media presentations and make them more interesting. Instant feedback allows me to go in and change what I did and with my new found knowledge I can liven up and make presentations more professional. If this was all I had learned I would have been happy! I now see me collaborating with the science teacher or whoever and making a informed presentation that can be shown to the class while we work with individuals to develop their understanding. I can also emphasize the lecture or notes with media and allow students to do the same. Very Exciting and something that will be used every week and be added to, to make a very rewarding classroom environment as the years go on)
4. PLN (My network of resources and people willing to collaborate is amazing. I can find useful ways of presenting and keep abreast of what is happening in the classroom and with technology. When I struggle with a subject or I am looking to explore grant/technology updates I can and will use my network of professional veteran teachers and local community to help. Looking for a idea on a lesson plan or a problem, just ask the team of willing participants)
3. Students and Teachers ( I have to mention this as a separate item because I have learned something from everyone in my class this semester and can go back and look at it whenever for free and without having to store or keep up with paper. Outside my classroom- Comments 4 Kids, Blogs, Mr. Chamberlain, Joe McClung, Russ Goerend, Jabiz Raisdana, Kiai Raisdana, Dillon, and many others have taught me so much and given me the chance to explore other possibilities. In my class I have learned everything from searching, puppeteering, movie making, news broadcasting, distance learning, international teaching, podcasting, video casting, You tubing, blogging, creativity, while travelling the local and global community by being introduced to gulf coast marketing, San Antonio, Hawaii, Ohio, Grand Canyon, Missouri, Arkansas, San Francisco, Ukraine, India, Scotland, China, and Afghanistan. Dr. Strange and everyone in the class has opened my eyes and made a difference in my life. The great thing is I can look back or contact each person and ask them concerns or solutions to something and we are all local. I have learned as much from Anthony Capps as anyone in or out of the classroom and have been delighted to be in class with each of you. Thank you.)
2. Google Docs. ( What can't you do with google docs? I can do spreadsheets, collect data, exams, presentations, share, translate, email, collaborate, securely from a computer anywhere in the world and know that the information is always there. Google docs. should be one of the most used items in a teachers resource and when used properly is fantastic. Another one of the things that if I had only learned this in a semester I would have been happy. Kids/ Teachers can collaborate ideas and presentations to save time and paperwork, something everyone agrees is in demand)
1. Blogging How could it be anything else but blogging. Dr. Strange has shown the tip of the iceberg and let us go in any direction we wanted to. This means that almost everyone in class has went on to research and find something that is beneficial and as made them/us excited. Without blogging I would never have had a top ten list or access to it. I can look and add to blogs whenever I feel like it and can give anyone or no-one access to do the same. Blogging promotes writing and reading by allowing students to find something they find interesting and discussing it with the world. The ideas that this generates can and are staggering. Blogging will be a great tool in my classroom and is an amazing way of allowing the parents and community to be involved in the welfare of the school and children attending. I intend to use this along with Streaming on a daily basis to enrich the environment I work in and help me improve as a teacher.)

On a personal note, I was not a big fan, or did not fully understand or appreciate, Wiki, Picasa, Twitter, Google Earth, Dlicious, or Foliotek. It is not that they did not have value to me or where tough to understand, they just did not float my boat. I am glad that I was exposed to them but need more info on Twitter and especially Delicious, and could do without the others.

I would like to add more presentations, blogging off the subject that allows freedom, and being able to share thoughts and ideas in class rather than being shown the next step in the process. The ability to live stream or UStream should be used more effectively to allow the student to see the lesson before class and then have the freedom to explore and research or collaborate sites of interest. Brilliant class and I plan on keeping up with the class and future class blogs as often as I can in the future.

I am not technology literate and will strive to be well versed in new applications and advances that will help me develop professionally. I have become more savvy than the majority of people around here because I have been exposed to the latest technology and its uses; keeping abreast of what is coming out will allow me to be as up to date as anyone on the subject and proves that someone starting today can be as informed about a subject as someone studying technology for years because they are adaptable. I have a PLN, I have access to the class blog, the future minds in EDM, I will blog, I will find something of interest to me and share it with others. I am becoming technology literate and my students will be better off for it but as things change so must I or i fail to be a lifelong learner.


  1. What a great idea. And executed with your usual aplomb! Thanks for you many contributions to the class this year. You changed my way of doing things whether you realized it or not.

    I know you will have great success in the many careers that will follow. And I look forward to working with you again soon on some very interesting projects!

  2. Thanks Dr. Strange, let me know about Marshelle and what I can do regarding grants and applications. I have free time and look forward to next semester.