Thursday, December 3, 2009

Laptops for Everyone

e-book picture
So I was reading something other than blogs and found an article discussing e-books like the Kindel and read on; turns out that everyone is in agreement that although they are great, the laptop is the way to go because of adaptability and price. Although the E-book was useful they are similar in price to a laptop and can do one job well, a job a laptop does almost as well. So for a few hundred dollars buy a laptop! READ MORE HERE either way you go green and save having to buy a ton of school supplies every semester.


  1. I asked for a Kindle for Christmas. I find the eye strain of reading on a computer and the size of the computer to really hamper my enjoyment of using them to read. I love books, but don't love the prices. I also have to drive over 30 minutes to get to a bookstore or wait a couple days to get a book from Amazon. I think being able to download books instantly and the price of the books will help me read more often.(I also really like new toys to play with ;)

  2. So did Santa bring you something nice?
    I used a Kindle last November and loved it. My only problem is that you are limited to a digital library rather than a digital world. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that Mac comes out with a combination of the laptop and the Kindle and I will enjoy that new toy. Release date is scheduled for the 27th of this month.