Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's all about the kids

School project made of wood
Check out Vince and Montanas post by clicking HERE .

One of the greatest things I have experienced in this class has been seeing elementary kids throughout the world developing and using technology to fuel learning. At the start of the course I was a "children need to know the fundamentals like reading, writing, arithmetic before they can develop anything else in school!" What I failed to realize was that we all learn differently and express ourselves in a variety of ways. comments for Kids has shown me that I can help inspire children at a very young age using technology and that I can have a effect on them as much as they have on me from across the universe. Schools like Bailey Road and Valley Wood showed me that video casting and pod casting actually improves or accelerates the desire to read and write while being dramatic and creative. Stories such as "Goldie Locks and Little Red Riding Hood" captured my imagination and I could hear the enthusiasm of the children in their voices. Anthony Capps even has a link to a rendition of a math exercise by the famous New York singing classroom that will help solve problems and build confidence in the youths at the school. My opinion now stands firm as it did when I entered the classroom, the only difference is that I can see how to use a variety of sources and technology that I would never have considered. Maybe I am becoming Literate!!

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