Friday, November 6, 2009


 hand in the dessert

Jabiz asks "What do you think? What is the value in this experience? Is the risk of exposing ourselves and our children online worth the connections that will be made and the lessons that will be learned?"

As the proud parent of a two year old daughter and being first generation Scottish American, I can honestly take my hat off to you. Kiai will not only have the ability at such a young age to have travelled to parts of the world and learn from her experience, but will be establishing memories and connections with people all over the planet. What risk do you have of exposing "Possibilities?" I pride myself on being a great father. I thought that I was progressive by staying at home with Sheridan rather than my wife being the stay at home parent. I never grew up with my mother or my father, and constantly tried to fill in the gaps that plagued my childhood because I couldn't understand. Kiai and you are bonding in a way that most people will let slip past them. Kiai will always know WHO and WHAT she is, and that is the foundation of success in anyone. Unconventional thinking is something that separates most of the great minds of the past and I thank you for helping remove the blinders form my eyes. Ingenious!

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