Friday, November 6, 2009

ITunes U

 Cambridge University on ITunes U
I Tunes U is an amazing site that gives you access to various institutions throughout the world and the material they teach. It allows users to cross the boundaries into the rainforest of the amazon (from the classroom) and puts the user in the middle of the subject being taught.
Hands on teaching, visual aids, the latest studies, top academic institutes, willing to give an insight into what the world has to offer and what they share with you is FREE.
Although there is no substitution for real life experience, most people will never have the opportunity to attend Cambridge or visit the Amazon; even if it is your students goal to one day go to Oxford or dig for artifacts in Egypt having prior knowledge of a subject before you go could only make you more prepared and less apprehensive.

ITunes not only provides you with the service but it shows you how to access the information in various ways in a short movie that you can revisit at any time. Think you have what it takes to go to Harvard? Find out by taking a course and sitting in on a lecture for free at home. Want to learn about the Roman Empire? Take a course at Stanford at your own pace for free. Want to learn from the best professors teaching your subject? Check out ITunes U right now for free by clicking HERE


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