Friday, November 6, 2009

Voicethread! Mr. C. I did not get it!

I am glad that I was unable to respond initially to the Voicethread and video by Mr. William Chamberlain.
Initially, Dr. Strange had made comments to the effect that this was the future of education and I just did not get it. I never said I was smart, just good looking!!! Anyway, I was proved incredibly wrong a week or so later when Anthony Capps posted his first voicethread and the penny dropped.

For anyone who has not seen a voicethread please click HERE and you will see someone who understood the possibilities while looking at it and produced his own in next to no time.Anthony Capps
Thanks Mr. Chamberlain, Dr. Strange, and Mr. Capps for showing a dumb Scot the way.


Mr. C you have created an online "Diary" or "Journal" that Kiai will be able to enjoy all of her life. It is really incredible that people will be able to go on and update their thoughts and communicate with a three year old girl across the world. Evolving and adding so many voices and opinions to anyone reading, now or in the future. I can see how this is something that will be beneficial in group projects- visual/audio blogging.


  1. Jim,

    Can you imagine the wonderful possibilities that students with disabilities have with tools like Voicethread. I have had wonderful experiences with several students that have reading or writing disabilities using multimedia tools. Unfortunately privacy issues keep me from sharing the links directly to you.

    I have grown incredibly over the last four years because of what I have done and one of the things that I learned is that a learning disability can be mitigated to a very large degree by simply finding alternate ways for those students to learn and, most importantly, show what they have learned. When you put a camera or microphone or mouse in front of a student with a disability, the disability fades and the learning becomes the focus.

  2. It is everything that faculty preach to me, adapt and modify using technolgy is agreat tool; yet they do not adapt the lesson and show the FUTURE teacher what is possible. I don't get it, but I will not let that stop me from learning what I can do to help the children (all children) that I can.

  3. Another time to just stand aside and smile!