Friday, November 6, 2009


Tiger Growling
I am amazed at the possibilities with live Streaming. You can show what is happening in the classroom every minute of every day and post the feed to be accessed by individuals anywhere. This means that you can ALMOST be in the classroom as the class is taking place. I say almost because you do not physically need to be there to participate.
Imagine parents with disabilities now being able to see their children perform in the classroom for the first time ever.
Imagine being sick and out of work/school and you have a solution already up and running, at next to no cost.
Communication with the parents and the community is a key to a child's success in school, and this is the easiest way I have seen to establish and connect with them.
Instant feedback on you and the children means that you will improve the lessons and teaching almost instantly.
The ability to be seen anywhere with a computer or phone, allows people to participate and enhance the classroom as never before.

As a future Special Education instructor it is a way of showing and building trust and confidence with all parents because you can actually show them how and what their child did on Thursday; pointing out all of the amazing things that happened throughout the day, week, semester.
I.E.P. meetings or conflicts can and would be resolved without legal expense by showing real life examples of performance and behavior. The possibilities are endless.
Check out Mr. Chambelain's class streaming live from Missouri during class time by clicking HERE or connect to Mr. Chamberlain's class projects and shows by clicking HERE

If you are interested in setting up a classroom with live streaming and are unsure where to go please click HERE and you will be directed to ustream.

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  1. I am certainly considering it for next semester. Or the next for sure.